SecMark has offers services to over 100 Stocks and Commodities Brokers, 32 Depository Participants and 7 Portfolio Managers. The client profile comprises of all kinds of brokers including, prominent Bank Subsidiaries, Institutional Brokers, Retail Brokers, Arbitrageurs and Jobbers. The services offered to this diversified client base includes:

Audit of Stock & Commodities Brokers:

The audit and assurance services from SecMark come with an added advantage of strong and diverse educational background, hands on experience in financial markets, thorough domain competency, expert knowledge of applicable laws and strong technical capabilities. These services include:
  • Half yearly audit of Brokers.
  • Systems Audit.
  • Concurrent and Internal Audits of DPs.
  • Financial Internal Audit.
  • Management and Operations Audit.
  • Branch & Sub-broker Inspections.
  • Audit of Portfolio Managers.
  • Certification of income & performance.
  • Certification of Disclosure Document.

Handling Inspections from Stock & Commodities Exchanges:

The team at SecMark comprises of members having experience with some of the premier Exchanges in the areas of Inspection & Investigation. With the Regulators becoming more and more stringent, it becomes imperative for the participants to avail expert services like:
  • Conducting mock inspection as a preparation to face inspections from Exchanges, Depositories and Regulators.
  • Handling and managing  of Inspections.
  • Drafting replies for the observations made by the inspecting teams.
  • Representation on behalf of Participants at various committees.
  • Conducting investigations for frauds in the organisations.

Handling Exchange Arbitration and Legal Proceedings:

With an impeccable winning track record in arbitration and legal proceedings. It has a proven history of bailing out clients from difficult situations and with SecMark by your side, there is always a greater possibility of matters ending up in your favour:
  • Drafting replies for investigations by SEBI, Exchanges and Depositories.
  • Filing of appeal and responding in arbitration matters.
  • Drafting of applications for consent.
  • Drafting of SAT appeals against SEBI orders in Enquiry and Adjudication proceedings.
  • Representation at SAT, SEBI and Arbitration Panels.

Process Re engineering of Stock & Commodities Brokers:

Success or failure of an organisation is the outcome of its capability or otherwise to handle  complex processes in a systematic manner. The streamlining of operations and removal of bottlenecks therein ensures smoother functioning and allows the organisations to achieve its goals. SecMark offers review and re engineering services to streamline the process and operations in the areas of:
  • Risk Management Systems (on-line and off-line).
  • Working Capital and Finance Management.
  • CTCL / IML / DMA and Internet Trading operations.
  • Back Office operations.
  • Client Registration process.
  • AML Policies and procedures.
  • Branch and Sub-Broker operations.
  • DP Operations.

Audit and Testing of Internet Trading, DMA & Algo Platforms:

The team at SecMark possess the right qualification and experience to assist organisations in aligning its IT resources and ensure that they act as a catalyst in achieving organisational goals through its services of:
  • Implementation of DMA, CTCL, IML, Internet Trading solutions.
  • Drafting and Implementation of IT Policies and Procedures.
  • Handling of Exchange Inspections for DMA and Internet Trading.
  • Integration of various applications like Front-office, Mid-office, Back-office, CBS, DP, IVR and Call Center.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • Migration from one application to another.
  • Consultancy for Software Procurement, Designing, Implementation and Optimization.


Training and seminars ensure a systematic communication of information amongst the team members, effects of which are observed almost immediately. SecMark offers training on:
  • Basics of Financial Markets.
  • Broking Operations & Compliance Training.
  • DP Operations & Compliance Training.
  • Training to Branches & Sub-brokers.
  • Training for mandatory Modules for CM, F&O, Currency, DP, Insurance etc.

Human Resource Services:

SecMark assures a non-poaching approach for placement where it assures its clients of not facilitating placement of its employees at other clients place. It offers both placement and manpower lending services to its clients.