Whatever be your business and whatever be its size, when it comes to money, Financial Services from SecMark are always a boost to the business:
SecMark offers financial solutions to salaried class as well as businessmen to fulfill the financial goals, taking into account the background, risk appetite and time horizon.

Starting a Business in India:

  • Company Incorporation.
  • Registration as an Employer.
  • Obtaining PAN & TAN.
  • Obtaining Statutory and Regulatory approvals.
  • Setting up infrastructure.

Project Financing & CMA Data Preparation:

  • Term Loans for premises, units, projects etc.
  • Working Capital Arrangements like CC / OD / PC / FBP etc.
  • Non-fund based limits like Bank Guarantee, LC etc.
  • Placement of Debentures, Commercial Papers etc.

Audit, Assurance and Tax Planning:

  • Statutory & Tax Audits.
  • Internal Audit.
  • Systems Audit.
  • Process Audit.
  • Management and Operations Audit.
  • Tax planning and optimization.

Arrangement of Loans:

  • Housing Loans.
  • Personal Loans.
  • Education Loans.
  • Car Loans.
  • Other Loans.

Property, Shares, Mutual Funds & Insurance:

  • Property.
  • Mutual Funds.
  • Shares and Debentures.
  • General and Life Insurance.

Taxation matters in India:

  • Tax Planning.
  • Filing of Returns.
  • Handling Scrutinies.
  • Handling Block Assessments from Income Tax Department.