Compliance, Operations, Risk Management, Legal and Arbitration, Technology Implementation services for Stock Brokers, Commodity Brokers, Stock Exchanges, Depository Participants, Portfolio Managers, NBFCs, Custodian.

Our uniqueness lies in possessing thorough domain expertise and a proven track record of successful, time bound execution of projects in the areas we consult.

Whether a new born startup, a fast growing organisation or an established player, you will always find services of SecMark to suite your needs. Some of the client categories and suggestive services given below will guide you through the areas, where assistance from SecMark is a must.
Services offered to Exchanges include:
  • Review and Certification of Business Model.
  • Testing & Implementation of Trading and Clearing Application.
  • Setting up of Functional Departments.
  • Inspection of Members.
  • Membership Drives.
  • Membership Process Outsourcing.
  • Listing Drives.
  • Placement of Human Resource.
  • more..:

Banks NBFCs
Setting up of business segments like:
  • Stock & Commodities Broking.
  • Depository Participant Services.
  • Clearing Member Operations.
  • Loan Against Shares.
  • Portfolio Management Services.
  • Wealth Management Services.
  • more..:
Auditing and Assurance:
  • Branch Statutory Audit.
  • Stock Audit.
  • Concurrent Audit.
  • Internal Audit.
  • Primary Sector Lending Certification.

Brokers Portfolio Managers DPs
Services offered to Brokers, Portfolio Managers and Depository Participants include:
  • Audit & Assurance.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Inspections & Investigations.
  • Legal & Arbitration Matters.
  • Implementation, Review and Re-engineering of operations and functions.
  • Information Technology services.
  • Placement and Human Resource services.
  • Tie-ups with NBFCs and Banks for Loan against shares.
  • more..:

Foreign Institutional Investors
Services offered:
  • Registration of FII with SEBI.
  • Tie ups with Brokers and Custodians.
  • Compliance Consultancy.

Insurance Companies / Brokers / Agents
Services offered:
  • Inspection of Corporate Agents and Brokers.
  • Registration as Insurance Broker with IRDA.
  • Regulatory Compliance Services.
  • Training.
Services for Corporates and startups include services for:
  • Starting Business in India.
  • Company Incorporation.
  • Regulatory Approvals.
  • Arrangement of Finance (Equity and Debt).
  • Fund-based and non-fund-based facilities.
  • Compromise Proposal & Debt Restructuring.
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal Proceedings.
  • Statutory and Tax Audits.
  • more..:

Realty Developers & Societies
Services offered include:
  • Conveyance of Land in favour of Societies.
  • Finance Arrangements for projects.
  • Facilitation of redevelopment.
  • Drafting of Agreements.
  • Conducting search of property.
  • Stamp Duty and Registration services.
  • Adjudication and document clearance.

Services offered:
  • Tax Planning and Return Filing.
  • Housing Loans and Personal Loans.
  • Insurance & Investment Advisory.