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IT Infrastructure Management

Do you construct your office building or do the interiors yourself? Surely not! You just specify what you  want and leave the rest to the experts. At the end of it you get what you want and the same applies to your IT infrastructure.

Being in financial services industry, its surely not your job to manage IT Infrastructure. So do what you are best at and outsource the rest.

Several leading Stock Brokers, Depository Participants, Research Entities, AIFs, Portfolio Managers avail these services.

What it means?

  • Managing ongoing IT operations

  • Assign all or a part of your IT

  • Remote & on-site management

  • Process driven approach

  • Consulting led approach



  • Rightsize your infrastructure at will.

  • Adjust to the evolving industry needs.

  • Adopt latest technologies.

  • Control costs in difficult times.


  • Defined Service Level Agreement

  • Virtual CTO

  • Capacity planning

  • IT Security & Advisory

  • Business continuity

  • Policy implementation

  • Regulatory compliance

  • End to end support



  • Identify assets

  • Assign criticality ratings

  • Standardize baseline configurations

  • Configure monitoring tools

  • Regular monitoring and reporting


  • Day to day IT Operations

  • Server & Storage Management

  • Network Management

  • Branch Management & Rollout

  • End user management

  • Data Center Solution

Cyber Security

  • Framework Documentation

  • Policy Implementation

  • Security Infrastructure & Control

  • Application Security

  • Monitoring & Detection

  • Training

Payment Plans

  • Client owns we manage

  • Rental (3 to 5 years)

  • Infrastructure as a service

  • Software as a service

  • Volume based plans

  • Pay as you grow

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