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Do what you are best at and outsource the rest!

Outsourcing brings along loads of advantages including moving unproductive routine activities to service provider you with extra bandwidth to grow your business.

You can work towards development rather than merely managing daily activities and take your business to the next level.

If you are a Stock Broker, Portfolio Manager, AIF, Portfolio Manager, Bank, Insurance Company or a Financial Market Participant, with its experience if financial services industry, SecMark will be your best outsourcing partner.


Focus on Core Competency

Your business involves several activities, some of which are your forte while rest are peripheral activities.

Giving out such activities to external agencies allows you focus on your core activities.

Activities you can outsource

  • Client Registration Process

  • AP Registration

  • Inspection of Branches and AP

  • Assisted transactions processing

  • Reconciliations

  • Customer Support

  • Complete back office operations except critical activities like fund transfer and shares transfer etc.

Optimize Costs

Each non-core activity that you do involves deputing a team, monitoring their performance, maintaining replacements, providing them infrastructure to operate etc. and everything comes at a cost.

A service provider removes all these costs, develops synergies as he does it for many others and passes the benefits of reduced costs to you.

Peace of mind

Forget the worries of recruiting the right talent, their resignations and replacement, scaling up, managing and servicing infrastructure, maintaining backups, restoration, change management etc.

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