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Software Development

​"The best way to become essential for the companies that buy your products is to help them grow their business (i.e., to produce meaningful ROI) in unique ways."

Blair Reeves

We firmly believe this quote and work towards making meaningful applications that help you grow your business.


Cloud Tech

  • Improve efficiency

  • Cost savings

  • Informed decision making

  • Faster market response

  • Better products and services

  • Improved customer relations

  • Identify key processes

  • Setup infrastructure

  • Programming

  • Implementing

Enterprise Applications

  • Highly maintainable and testable

  • Loosely coupled

  • Independently deployable

  • Organized around business capabilities

  • Owned by a small team

Enterprise Application
  • Microservices approach

  • Seamless Integration

  • Easy to tweak

Big Data

  • Collect, process and analyze data across applications, web and social platforms.

  • Beat the challenges of 3Vs (Volume, Verity and Velocity)

  • Data Lake Solutions

  • Analytics, insights and Intelligence!

Big Data.png
  • NoSQL Databases

  • Real Time Analytics

  • Streaming Application

  • Data Migration

Tech Stack

Tech Stack

  • Python, Java, C#

  • Spring boot, Spring data JPA

  • Kafka, Hadoop

  • Angular 8


  • Google GCP, Microsoft Azure, AWS & Digital Ocean

  • Jenkins

Technology Stack.png
  • Client

  • Backend

  • Data

  • Infra & Services



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