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System Audit & Cyber Security

Your IT assets are priceless and you cannot afford to compromise it.

You are under a constant threat of information theft, destruction, denial of services attack, virus attacks, ransom-wares, Trojans etc.

To encounter these threats, you need a strong security partner who understands your business and assists you in implementing adequate safety and security measures and is capable of auditing, scrutinizing and confirming the status of your IT infrastructure and its security.

Cyber Security Framework

  • Implement Governance Framework

  • Policy Drafting

  • IT Asset categorization

  • Preventive, Directive and Corrective controls

  • Data security and access controls

  • Network security

  • Monitoring & Detection

Systems Audit Services

  • Audit of IT Systems and controls

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Penetration Testing

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery testing


  • Stock and Commodity Brokers

  • Depositories and Custodians

  • Mutual Funds and AIFs

  • Portfolio Managers

  • Insurance Companues
  • NBFCs
  • Banks
  • Retail



  • Industry and business

  • Risks and compliance requirements

  • Processes and procedures

  • Products and services

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