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Compliance Assistance

"The only constant in life is change”

- Lord Krishna


This applies more to compliance requirements in financial markets making it imperative for you to have a reliable compliance partner by your side.

A proven track record of successful performance by a highly qualified and specialised team having hands on experience with Regulators, Exchanges, Depositories and leading market participants makes us your preferred compliance partner.

SEBI & Exchange Inspections

Assistance from a Compliance Partner with hands-on experience of working with Inspection Department of Exchanges and Depositories equips you to undergo regulatory inspections with adequate preparations and safeguards.

On-site Support

Engage on-site support staff with experience, expertise and hands on knowledge to support your compliance officer.

Get your tasks done with ease while remaining in control  of deadlines and regulatory commitments.

Respond to Queries Regulators

SEBI, Exchanges and Depositories maintain a constant vigil over our operations and raise queries and concerns that need to be responded by you.

Your response can have far reaching effect and needs professional assistance.

Compliance Retainership

Get prompt and relevant response to compliance related queries, interpret SEBI and Exchange directives, implement compliance processes the right way.

We are just a call away.


“Commitment, Knowledge and Experties unmatched. I was always confidant of the outcome”

His Highness Raja Vijaysinghrao Patwardhan

Maharaja of Sangli

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