IAP - 1: Introduction Securities Markets

A SEBI Initiative carried out under empanelment by SecMark

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About the Program

SEBI has the prime mandate to protect the interest of investors in securities markets. It endeavors to educate the investors with basic premise that "An educated investor is a protected investor" SecMark Consultancy Limited has been empaneled by SEBI as a Securities Market Trainer (SMART) to conduct Investor Awareness Programs (IAPs). IAP on Introduction to Securities Markets would cover: 1. Introduction to Securities Markets 2. Introduction to Primary and Secondary Markets 3. Pre-requisite and Due Diligence for buying and selling shares 4. Rights of a Shareholder 5. Introduction to Mutual Funds 6. Do’s and Don’ts of buying and selling shares 7. Investor Grievance Redressal - SCORES 8. Information / Helpdesk of SEBI Investors can expect a basic understanding after attending this program.

Upcoming Sessions

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